Sustaining Coastal Communities

Flood Less New Orleans

From rising seas to disappearing land, few places outside of Greater New Orleans face larger challenges living with water. These challenges are an opportunity: New Orleans can lead coastal communities across the world by charting a new, more resilient path. New Orleans must flood less. Healthy Gulf is working to make sure policymaker prioritize projects that will make New Orleans flood less.

Reducing Flood Risks

Louisiana Coastal Communities are at risk of getting washed away by rising seas, flooding and storm surge.  It’s past time for the state of Louisiana to stand up for our its most at-risk populations. Healthy Gulf organizes with communities to demand the resources they need to be resilient in the face of sea level rise, wetlands loss and flooding.

Building Resilience Through Restoration

Coastal wetlands and barrier islands are critical natural defenses for the Gulf’s coastal communities. However, many of these important lines of defense face ongoing threats and destruction.  Restoration monies flowing to Gulf states in the aftermath of the BP disaster present our best opportunity to restore these important lines of defense. Healthy Gulf is working to ensure that this funding is used responsibly to restore the coast.

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