Resisting Dirty Energy

Monitoring the Gulf

Every year, thousands of oil, gas and chemical spills are reported in the Gulf. Some spills are underreported, or go entirely unnoticed among the spider web of old wells spattered across our coastal waters. Our Gulf Monitoring program investigates these spills and works to hold polluters accountable and ensure prompt clean up. With the help of volunteer pilots and charter boat captains, Healthy Gulf locates, photographs, and reports spills from the land, air and sea.

Destructive Pipelines

Thousands of miles of old and leaking oil and gas pipelines criss-cross the Gulf of Mexico region and new pipelines are proposed every day. These pipelines are in competition with oil and gas jobs that already exist in the Gulf. These pipelines harm our wetlands and water, and put communities at risk from explosions and other accidents. Healthy Gulf watchdogs existing pipelines for poor construction practices, spills and leaks, and advocates against destructive and unnecessary pipelines, like the Bayou Bridge pipeline, Swordfish, or Seahorse pipelines.   

Offshore Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry has an enormous impact on our coast and the health and safety of Gulf communities. The industry has contributed to between 36-89% of Louisiana’s historical wetlands loss – washing away whole communities and leaving cities like New Orleans more vulnerable to future hurricanes. As rigs drill deeper and deeper, we risk another catastrophe like the BP disaster. Healthy Gulf is building a groundswell of public support to strengthen oversight of the offshore oil and gas industry, and end new oil and gas leasing in this region.

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