Monitoring the Gulf

States and the federal government rely on the oil and gas industry to self-report when they suffer a spill or release pollution into the water. Sadly, far too many companies frequently do not follow the law and every year thousands of spills and incidents go unreported and unaddressed.

In April 2010, Healthy Gulf began monitoring the Gulf by plane and boat, taking hundreds of trips and reporting close to 200 cases of illegal discharge. These trips also investigate pollution and ecosystem damage caused by the oil and gas industry in the Gulf Coast region. Through our monitoring we have discovered coal and petroleum coke spilling into water from several sources, including (1) export facilities; (2) ruptured oil and gas pipelines; (3) leaking oil platforms and well-heads; (4) BP's ongoing impacts on Gulf coast beaches and wetlands; and (5) damage to wetlands inflicted by pipelines. We use aerial photography combined with on-the-water observation to collect information, report incidents to the proper authorities, and analyze and publish our findings to educate the public on the continuing impact of industry on the Gulf.

Healthy Gulf’s goal is to ensure that the oil and gas industry follows the law and is held accountable when they do not. The information we gather also supports advocacy for increased regulation of the industry and serves as evidence in litigation aimed at addressing continuing pollution and wetlands loss associated with the coal and oil and gas industries.

Rainbow sheen at Taylor Energy Leak. Oil has been leaking from Taylor Energy's Mississippi Canyon 20-A platform and wells which were destroyed in 2004 when Hurricane Ivan struck the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf Watchdog

Healthy Gulf monitors sites across the Gulf of Mexico to document, report, and hold oil and gas companies accountable for leaks, spills, accidents, and other noncompliance issues. Below, you'll find a map of all the spill activity we have reported and a chronological log of spill reports dating back to January 2017. View our pollution reports below.

Gulf Monitoring Consortium

Our monitoring program is part of a larger, collaborative effort between Healthy Gulf and its partners through the Gulf Monitoring Consortium (GMC) to hold the oil and gas industry accountable. The GMC is a rapid-response alliance that collects and publishes information on pollution in the Gulf. Members of the GMC use satellite images and mapping, aerial reconnaissance and photography, on-the-water observation and sampling, as well as years of experience to identify, locate, and track new and ongoing oil spills. Other members of the GMC are:
Skytruth  |  Southwings  |  Vanishing Earth  |  Public Lab  |  Louisiana Bucket Brigade  |  Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper  |  Mobile Baykeeper  |  Suncoast Waterkeeper  |  Waterkeeper Alliance

Healthy Gulf flyover of Hilcorp Energy pipeline leak (2016)

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