Additional Resources

Barataria-Terrebonne Spoil Banks Memo (2013)

Barataria-Terrebonne Spoil Banks GIS + Presentation to NGOs (2013)

Healthy Gulf Comment Letters

Letter on Louisiana's Draft 2012 Coastal Master Plan

Letter on DRAFT Recommendations for Anticipating Sea-level rise impacts on Louisiana Coastal Resources during Project Planning and Design

Reports, Articles and Other Resources

The Reckoning: Oil and Gas Development in the Louisiana Coastal Zone : Oliver A. Houck and Tulane, Tulane Environmental Law Journal, Vol. 28;2 (Summer 2015)

The Coastal Index: The Problem and Possibility of Our Coast, The Data Center (2014)

Community Resettlement Prospects in Southeast Louisiana, Tulane Institute on Water Resources Law & Policy (2014)

Gaining Ground: Wetlands, Hurricanes and the Economy: The Value of Restoring the Mississippi River Delta, Earth Economics (2010)

"Losing Ground" and "Louisiana's Moon Shot," The Lens/ProPublica (2014)

Louisiana Flood Risk and Resilience Viewer, Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

Process Classification of Coastal Land Loss between 1932 and 1990 in the Mississippi River Delta Plain, Southeastern Louisiana, United States Geological Survey (2001)

"Secret Oil Company Memos on Pollution in Louisiana," Harper's (2013)

Background Information

EPA Wetlands Page

EPA Wetland Fact Sheets

USGS National Wetlands Research Center

Regulatory Agencies

To find out about wetland fill permits in your area, locate the Army Corps of Engineers district serving your area and then proceed to district site to view current public notices.  For tips and advice on reviewing permits, contact us.

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