Gulf Fish Forever Fisheries Internship

The Gulf of Mexico provides jobs, food, and recreation to millions of people. As a marine habitat, it is a national treasure that we should all want to preserve. Commercial fishing is a key economic driver around the Gulf. Recreational fishing is an important element in every part of the economy; from tourism to boat sales, fuel and tackle. But we have a problem - it is called overfishing. Both commercial and recreational fishermen are now so efficient that we catch fish faster than nature can replace them. Without robust fish populations, every one of us will suffer - not just the fish.

The Gulf Fish Forever intern will work closely with our Gulf Fish Forever campaign organizer, learning valuable skills of public outreach, coalition building, issue campaign strategy, media relations, event planning and what it's like to work inside a hard-hitting environmental non-profit.  

To apply, send resume and cover letter to Raleigh Hoke,

Internships require a 10-hour per week commitment.  Positions are unpaid.  Academic credit is available.

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